Ian Arnouts

I am Ian Arnouts

Ian Arnouts

Ian specialises in the large domain of administrative law, concentrating on various matters regarding public procurement, PPP and public contracts.

He provides assistance in various types of interlocutory proceedings related to the awarding and execution of public procurements and to administrative law in general. He undertakes this before the Constitutional Court, the Council of State (Conseil d’État/Raad van State) as well as the civil courts.

In addition to this expertise, Ian provides advice and assistance throughout both the award phase as well as the execution phase of a public procurement procedure. Ian also advises on a wide array of matters related to general administrative law.

Furthermore, Ian regularly contributes to the drafting of a diverse range of legislative documents on behalf of different governments.

Ian has a master’s in law from the University of Antwerp (UA).

  • Languages: Dutch, French, English
  • Admitted to the Brussels Bar: 2007


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