Egbert Vroom

I am Egbert Vroom
Corporate and M&A specialist
Mergers and Acquisitions specialist
Litigation and Dispute Resolution specialist

Egbert Vroom

Egbert specialises in the complex areas of corporate law and corporate litigation, delivering pragmatic, commercial and value adding legal advice.

He regularly advises corporate clients and financial institutions on mergers and acquisition. This includes public offers and public and private placements of securities, and on general corporate and securities law matters.

Egbert also conducts legal proceedings in corporate issues relating to warranty claims, director's liability matters, we well as proceedings before the enterprise chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

He has a JD in Dutch civil law from the University of Amsterdam (1995), together with an LL.M in corporate law from New York University (1996).

Egbert is a member of the Dutch Bar Association and the New York State Bar Associations.

  • Languages: Dutch, English
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 1996
  • Partner since: 2005


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