Chantal Blokker-Schipper

Chantal Blokker-Schipper

Chantal joined Stibbe Amsterdam in 2012 and specialises in commercial litigation.

She’s responsible for know-how management and legal support within the Commercial Litigation practice group.

In addition, Chantal writes and edits for the Stibbe Commercial Litigation blog.

She has a master’s degree in private law from University of Amsterdam (2011).

  • Languages: Dutch, English

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Short Reads - As long as a contract has not yet been concluded, the parties’ freedom of contract is paramount.  In principle, the parties are free to decide whether to continue or break off negotiations. Nevertheless, circumstances may arise under which breaking off negotiations is unacceptable. One of the remedies available to the injured party in such a case is to seek a court order to continue negotiations. This blog post discusses the chance of success of such a court order, and the factors involved.

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