Branda Katan

Branda is dedicated to every case. Delving deep into the facts she ensures no argument is missed allowing her to anticipate steps from the other party. 

This process is employed across all her specialisms including contractual disputes, fraud and the liability of directors and professional service firms. Her clients range from companies and company directors to government authorities and liquidators in bankruptcies.

She has acted in a broad spectrum of cases comprising industrial accidents, failed acquisitions, bank insolvencies and disputes between investors.

Branda holds a law degree from VU University Amsterdam, a philosophy degree from University College London and a philosophy degree from the University of Amsterdam. In 2013 she started as a PhD researcher at Radboud University Nijmegen on the imputation of knowledge to legal entities.

Branda regularly teaches courses on directors' liability.

  • Languages: Dutch, French, English
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 2005


  • 17.02.2014
    Stibbe advises Indover Bank

    Experience -   Representing the trustees of Indover Bank in a major dispute with Bank Indonesia. Indover Bank was a Dutch merchant bank and a 100% subsidiary of Bank Indonesia, the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia. Indover Bank was declared bankrupt in December 2008. In legal proceedings before the District Court of Amsterdam, the trustees refuse the validation of a claim from Bank Indonesia to the amount of EUR 43 million and have submitted a counterclaim of at least EUR 71 million. According to the trustees, Bank Indonesia breached a guarantee under which Bank Indonesia had obliged itself to enable Indover Bank to meet its obligations.  

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  • 17.02.2014
    Stibbe advised Nationale Nederlanden

    Experience -   Stibbe represented the liability insurer Nationale Nederlanden in a dispute between the insured party, a partnership of accountants, and one of its former clients. The client had acquired a group of companies and claimed he had not been properly advised by the partners involved in the acquisition. The matter was subject to litigation but was settled in the fall of 2013.  

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  • 11.07.2012
    Stibbe advised Heineken

    Experience -   Stibbe acted for Heineken on various matters, including in a bankruptcy of Plassania, a major Dutch catering company that operated tens of pubs and other catering establishments and in summary proceedings against Olm for selling barrels of beer to bars and cafes in the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany, branded as Heineken but actually containing Olm beer.      

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What does a legal entity know?

Short Reads - In civil law many rules rely for their legal effect on the presence of certain knowledge or a certain intention with one of the parties. If the party at hand is a legal entity, like a limited company (besloten vennootschap), it can be difficult to determine what the entity knew. Fragments of information can be present in different parts of the organisation; an officer of the company may have gained his knowledge trough his private life; he may also have a duty of confidentiality.

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