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Boris Cammelbeeck

I am Boris Cammelbeeck
Real Estate and Construction specialist
Lease and Green Lease specialist
Projects specialist
Litigation and Dispute Resolution specialist

Boris Cammelbeeck

Boris is a specialist in real estate transactions, lease law and project development.

His field of work includes advising and litigating in cases involving project development and real estate contracts concerning commercial and residential properties. For such matters, Boris acts on behalf of global retailers, real estate companies, project developers, foreign investors and banks. He also assists the owners of commercial properties in issues regarding prolonged vacancy, non-payment and squatting.

In 2019, Boris obtained his Master of Real Estate (MRE) from the Amsterdam School of Real Estate with a thesis on the main civil law and tax differences between a ground lease and a contractual lease regarding commercial properties. He is the co-editor and co-author of the second revised edition of the Handbook Commercial Lease Law and publishes regularly on his expertise. He is also a permanent guest lecturer at the University of Groningen.

Boris holds master’s degrees (both with honours) in both civil law and corporate law from the University of Leiden. He also attended Hastings College of Law in San Francisco on the L.L.B exchange program. In 2012, he completed the postgraduate course in lease law (with honours) of the Dutch Association of Lease Lawyers.

Boris is a member of the Master of Real Estate Alumni Society and the Dutch Association of Lease Lawyers.

  • Languages: Dutch, English
  • Admitted to the Amsterdam Bar: 2007


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Short Reads - Recent interim injunctions indicate that the corona crisis can, in principle, be an unforeseen circumstance that may be a reason to amend a commercial lease agreement. If the parties are unwilling to amend the lease together, the court may amend the lease for them; recent interim injunctions cautiously indicate which circumstances are relevant, and how the lease can be amended by the court.

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14.08.2020 NL law
Voorlopige huurkortingen in coronatijd

Short Reads - Uit recente kortgedinguitspraken volgt dat de coronacrisis in beginsel een onvoorziene omstandigheid is die aanleiding kan zijn om een commerciële huurovereenkomst te wijzigen. Als partijen daar samen niet uitkomen, dan kan de rechter worden verzocht om de huurovereenkomst te wijzigen. Uit recente kortgedinguitspraken kan voorzichtig worden afgeleid welke omstandigheden daarbij relevant zijn en hoe de huurovereenkomst kan worden gewijzigd.

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Huurprijsvermindering vanwege coronamaatregelen. Is dat mogelijk?

Short Reads - De economische gevolgen van de 'intelligente lockdown' beginnen voor de commerciële huursector langzaam zichtbaar te worden. Voorbeelden zijn een significante vraaguitval, gedwongen sluitingen en/of opgelegde exploitatiebeperkingen. In veel gevallen leidt dit tot een aanzienlijke omzetdaling, terwijl opschorting van de huur veelal contractueel is uitgesloten. Hebben huurders in deze coronacrisis de mogelijkheid om geheel of gedeeltelijk onder hun huurbetalingsverplichting uit te komen?

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Certain legal aspects of the corona crisis for the Dutch construction and rental industry

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