Digital Law Up(to)date: Focus on three recent and interesting initiatives of the CNIL

Digital Law Up(to)date: Focus on three recent and interesting initiat

Digital Law Up(to)date: Focus on three recent and interesting initiatives of the CNIL

18.10.2021 EU law

In this blog, we briefly present three interesting initiatives of the CNIL, the French Data Protection Authority.

The French supervisory authority, the CNIL, has published on its website three interesting initiatives in the field of personal data protection. As the GDPR has direct effect throughout the European Union, these French developments could be also of interest to us in Belgium. 

The first initiative is a Recruitment Guide (only available in French), which is open to public consultation. Any recruitment process involves personal data processing. It must therefore comply with the GDPR. Composed of 19 different sheets, the guide is a practical and useful tool for recruiters and candidates, with examples, references to the GPDR, concrete ways to comply, etc. 

The second is the publication of a white paper on data and payment methods (only available in French). The document takes into account the increasing in digital payments, contactless, by application, etc. The stakes are not only economic: bank data can trace activities of consumers, identify their behaviour, understand their needs, etc. Therefore, personal data must be protected. 

The third initiative is the publication of eight recommendations to enhance the protection of children online. These recommendations remind people of the existence of minors' digital rights, inform parents on this subject and draw attention to the need to protect minors from possible online dangers.

By Edouard Cruysmans and Erik Valgaeren


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