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Stibbe participates in CFO Forum on ESG and sustainable value creation

Stibbe participates in CFO Forum on ESG and sustainable value creation

Stibbe participates in CFO Forum on ESG and sustainable value creation

28.05.2021 NL law

Suzanne Kröner-Rosmalen, Derk Lemstra and Rogier Raas participated in the annual CFO Forum - the Annual edition, organised by Transformation Forums on May 19, 2021.

During this virtual event, centred around the topic of ‘ESG and Sustainable value creation’, our experts highlighted legal aspects of ESG and shared their expertise with CFOs from leading organisations. Suzanne, as ESG expert, was co-host of the event whilst Derk contributed as panel member and Rogier facilitated a deepdive session.

Other speakers at this year’s CFO Forum included:

  • Bob Eccles, Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Said Business School at Oxford University
  • Frank Lemmink, EVP of Finance Integrated Gas, Renewables & Energy Solutions at Shell
  • Maarten de Vries, CFO of Akzo Nobel
  • Laurence Debroux, CFO of Heineken

Key Insights

  1. “An obstacle is the swamp of standards in the field of sustainability reporting. Be proactive, keep in touch with leading authorities, provide input, and follow your own (integral) line by applying tangible KPIs.”

  2. “Sustainability is top-of-mind for every CFO, but there is still a lot to be gained in the translation to sustainable business models.”

  3. "Finance holds the key to putting ESG on the map from the perspective of data, decision-making, and reporting, but the real acceleration happens when finance helps to create value together with the business."’

Read the summary report of the CFO Forum 2021 here.

Stibbe is an expert on ESG related topics

ESG is one of Stibbe’s key focus areas. Our dedicated ESG Corporate and Financial Markets Team is well-positioned to assist clients with the identification, analysis and integration of ESG concerns in their operations.

Suzanne, Derk and Rogier are all part of our ESG CFM Team and have all necessary expertise to advise clients on all legal aspects of current and upcoming corporate and financial markets related sustainability and ESG regulation, both at national and EU level.

Read more about our expertise by clicking here.

Stibbe and Dutch Transformation Forum

Stibbe is proud sponsor of Transformation Forums, a leading organisation which creates communities of senior decision-makers through forums, roundtables and workshops. Through events such as the annual Dutch Transformation Forum, NextGen and the CFO Forum, Transformation Forums provides a peer-to-peer platform for executives from leading organisations across multiple industries to take inspiration from each other’s ideas and initiatives around impactful social and business themes.

Read more about our partner Transformation Forums here.


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