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Webinar: Practical aspects of receivables pledge and transfer restrictions in finance transactions

Prohibitions on assignment and pledging in financing practice

Webinar: Practical aspects of receivables pledge and transfer restrictions in finance transactions

05.11.2020 NL law

On Thursday 5 November 2020 (12:00-13:00), Stibbe presents its Debt Finance webinar in Amsterdam. This webinar is intended for CFOs, corporate treasurers and in-house legal counsel involved in financing.

Pledges and transfer prohibitions

Banks and other financiers often require collateral on trade receivables, and other assets, from borrowers. In addition, companies sometimes transfer their trade receivables to finance companies which pay a purchase price for them. In both cases, pledging and transfer prohibitions can throw a spanner in the works. Uncertainty about the suitability of trade and other receivables for pledge or assignment can significantly limit individual companies' access to attractive forms of finance.

In the upcoming Stibbe Debt Finance Webinar, Stibbe lawyers Barbra Bulsing, Nicole Meijs and Robert Steeg discuss a number of important developments in the field of pledging and assignment of receivables in financing practice. The programme starts with an overview of the current opportunities and limitations. This will be followed by a discussion of the Bill on the Removal of Pledge Prohibitions, which is currently under discussion in the Lower House of Parliament. We conclude with a discussion of the relationship between transferability and pledging restrictions following a recent judgment of the Court of Appeal in The Hague. Each section will take approximately 15 minutes, and a quarter of an hour will be available at the end to answer any questions you may have. By the end, you will be fully up to date on the latest developments in this area.

If you are interested in this topic, please send an email to

We organise our webinars using Zoom. For the best possible experience, we recommend installing the Zoom app on your mobile device or desktop.

Practical information

Date: 5 November (12:00 – 13:00 CEST)

Location: Webinar




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