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Inside Stibbe

Stibbe in Amsterdam answers questions from consumers, small business foundations and NGOs about the coronavirus [updated]

Stibbe in Amsterdam answers questions from consumers, small business

Stibbe in Amsterdam answers questions from consumers, small business foundations and NGOs about the coronavirus [updated]

20.05.2020 NL law

In a special Q&A (in Dutch), lawyers from our Amsterdam office share their legal expertise and strive to provide answers to questions put to us by consumers, self-employed persons, enterprises large and small, foundations and NGOs as a result of the corona crisis.

The consequences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) affect almost everyone. The outbreak of the virus, and the subsequent measures to address it, are causing unrest and uncertainty. We see a clear demand for clear legal advice from our clients. To meet this demand, we have set up a specialized Corona Team to advise our clients on the legal consequences of the virus.

We also want to make a difference for individuals, small businesses and society in general. With this social responsibility in mind, our pro bono committee is making our knowledge and expertise available to organisations and individuals who do not have the resources to obtain legal assistance. With this Q&A, we make a start. This document provides an initial overview of the legal consequences of the coronavirus for consumers, self-employed persons, large and small businesses, foundations and NGOs. In this way we answer questions in the areas of employment law and taxation, administrative law, contract law, mortgages, rent and loans, and privacy. We hope to use our expertise to answer possible questions that many consumers and businesses currently have.

Click on the image to download the Q&A

Stibbe - Antwoorden op vragen van consumenten, kleine ondernemers stichtingen en NGO’s over het coronavirus (16042020) ©


If you have a question that is not yet included in this Q&A, please send it to us via Based on frequently asked questions, we will update this Q&A as required



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