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Stibbe nominated for two ‘Gouden Zandloper’ awards

Stibbe nominated for two ‘Gouden Zandloper’ awards

Stibbe nominated for two ‘Gouden Zandloper’ awards

06.03.2020 NL law

Lars in 't Veld and information designer Kim Raad (for her infographic used in a PostNL case) have been nominated for a ‘Gouden Zandloper’ award this year. The winners will be announced during SDU's annual awards show. ​

Young Talent 2020

Lars in 't Veld has been chosen by the jury as one of the three contenders for the title of 'Young Talent 2020'. Lars is 28 and, in addition to his work at Stibbe, he is a PhD student at Radboud University. Lars has become specialised in accounting law and accountancy law over a short period; he is involved on Stibbe's behalf in various disciplinary proceedings, administrative proceedings and civil liability proceedings in the accountancy sector and also advises clients (often listed) on financial reporting and other corporate governance issues. As a PhD student, Lars researches the role of the external auditor within the corporate governance framework of listed companies. In addition, he is involved with various corporate law journals and he is a member of various research teams.

Legal Design & Infographic

For the third year in a row, a visual by our information designer Kim Raad has been recognised as one of the three best legal designs in the Netherlands. This year's contender was made toghether with our Employment, Pensions and Incentives department to illustrate the collaboration between PostNL and one of its subcontractors, and was used in a lawsuit for PostNL against FNV. FNV stated that PostNL used contracting to pay less for the use of labour through third parties; the visual shows the procedure of parcel processing, and the map of the PostNL depot indicating who was present and at which location. Using a PowerPoint presentation in which this visual was used, our lawyers explained how the real situation differed greatly from FNV's claims. 

Click on the visual to enlarge

Legal Design - Stibbe

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