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Stibbe boosts service offering in Luxembourg with new partners and counsel for asset management/funds and corporate & finance

Stibbe boosts service offering in Luxembourg

Stibbe boosts service offering in Luxembourg with new partners and counsel for asset management/funds and corporate & finance

17.01.2020 LU law

Luxembourg, 17 January 2020 – Stibbe reinforces its corporate & finance and asset management/funds practices in Luxembourg with the hire of Bernard Beerens (corporate partner), Audrey Jarreton (banking and finance counsel), Edouard d’Anterroches (investment funds partner), Victorien Hémery (investment funds partner), and Dayana Bert (investment funds counsel). Their arrival comes after the recent hire of tax partner Johan Léonard. All of these new additions demonstrate the firm’s commitment to expanding Stibbe’s service offering in Luxembourg.

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The hiring of corporate partner Bernard Beerens and banking and finance counsel Audrey Jarreton enables Stibbe to strengthen its cross-border offering substantially to the firm’s international clients.

Bernard Beerens advises multinational clients, including major private equity firms, hedge funds and unregulated real estate funds on the structuring and financing of international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, the formation of joint venture vehicles, corporate structuring and re-organisations, exit strategies, and corporate governance matters. He focuses on complex commercial legal aspects to determine the best strategy to structure his clients’ businesses. He also provides expert advice on financing activities, emphasizing on financial, banking, structuring and restructuring transactions.

Audrey Jarreton advises multinational clients, including listed companies, major private equity firms, banks, and pharmaceutical groups, on cross-border financing and re-financing, debt issuance, real estate and aircraft financing, and securitisation. She also advises financial sector professionals and listed companies on regulatory matters and the listing of securities on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Both Bernard and Audrey also represent lenders and borrowers in all types of financing transactions, and they advise on collateral arrangements, financial instruments, and related transactional documents.


The funds market is one of the fastest growing markets in Luxembourg’s financial sector, creating a clear opportunity for Stibbe to expand its services in funds structuring work.

Edouard d’Anterroches advises domestic and international asset managers on the structuring, the setup, and the organisation of regulated and unregulated investment schemes, with a particular focus on alternative investment structures dedicated to private equity, real estate, private debt, infrastructure, and impact finance strategies. Edouard also assists family businesses in structuring private wealth management structures. In addition, he assists international investors in due diligence work on target investment structures and in negotiating the terms of their investments. Edouard also advises fund managers and domestic service providers on operational matters relating to AIFMs, depositaries, and fund administration.

Victorien Hémery advises private equity firms and other asset managers on all legal and regulatory aspects of the structuring, formation, distribution and ongoing operation of regulated and unregulated investment funds. His practice focuses on private investment funds (buyout, venture capital, mezzanine, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, fund of private funds, etc.) and their related operations and transactions, including the structuring of co-investment arrangements and carried interest entitlements. He also assists investors, including major international institutional investors, in relation to their portfolio investments. His areas of expertise also encompass the legal and regulatory aspects of the structuring, formation and operations of pension funds and pension pooling vehicles.

Both Edouard and Victorien are actively involved with the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) and Luxembourg Private Equity Association (LPEA).

Dayana Bert focuses on the setup of alternative investment vehicles and advises clients on matters relating to the structuring, regulatory, and organisational aspects, including corporate and operational matters, of investment fund vehicles, such as SIFs, SICARs, RAIFs, partnership structures, and various types of unregulated investment structures. Her key areas of expertise include private equity, real estate, infrastructure, private debt funds, and fund of funds. Dayana also advises Luxembourg AIFMs, central administrations, and depositaries on operational and regulatory matters.

Gérald Origer, Executive Partner of Stibbe Luxembourg, comments: “We are delighted and proud to announce the arrival of these new corporate & finance and funds teams at Stibbe. The expansion of the service offering of our Luxembourg office, following the recent hire of Johan Léonard as new tax partner, confirms Stibbe’s continuous pursuit in attracting the best people with outstanding industry and sector experience and who will play a pivotal role in our firm’s continued success and our clients’ satisfaction.


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