Follow-up Seminar: noise and the environmental plan

Follow-up Seminar: noise and the environmental plan

Follow-up Seminar: noise and the environmental plan

02.10.2019 NL law

Stibbe is organising a follow-up seminar on the subject of noise and environmental plan, to be held on 1 October 2019 in Amsterdam. The environmental plan will act as the central instrument in the Environmental Act, regulating use and development of the physical environment, distributing available environmental space, directing environmentally harmful activities and regulating cost recovery in the case of spatial developments. 

The environmental plan is the ideal starting point for developing a sound understanding of the Environmental Act. Stibbe's Environmental Law practice group advises on the Environment Act on a daily basis and has built up a great deal of expertise in this area.

To share this knowledge, we are holding a series of meetings about the environmental plan to ensure our clients are as prepared as they can possibly be for the Environmental Law's entry into force on 1 January 2021. Our kick-off seminar "The Environmental Plan under the microscope" took place on 23 May with the intention of going deeper into specific subjects in future.

We begin on 1 October 2019 with the follow-up seminar to the meeting of 23 May 2019. During this seminar we will discuss the subject of noise. The following questions, among others, will be discussed:

  • How is the topic of noise approached in the Environmental Plan?
  • What is the interaction between noise regulation in the Environmental Quality Decree, noise production limits, and the environmental plan?

The Masterclass will be given by Jan Reinier van Angeren and Anna Collignon, Valérie van 't Lam, Jan van Oosten. Practical information

Date: 1 October 2019 (11:30 - 14:00)

Location: Stibbe, Beethovenplein 10, 1077 WM Amsterdam

For registration or for more information, please contact: Participation in the Masterclass is free of charge.


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