Stibbe advises Dyme

Stibbe advises Dyme

Stibbe advises Dyme

14.11.2019 NL law

Stibbe has advised fintech company Dyme on obtaining a PSD2 licence for the provision of Account Information Services (AIS) from the Dutch Central Bank. Dyme is the first independent payment service for consumers in the Netherlands to receive this licence. Dyme’s success may signal the beginning of a trend for other Dutch and foreign payment service providers - including Brexit-impacted parties - to also apply for licences to operate as payment service providers in the Netherlands.

Dyme is a participant of the Stibbe StartsUP program, and has developed an innovative app to help users keep track of their finances.  The app uses bank data and the latest machine learning technology to help its users manage various payments (such as subscriptions to Netflix), energy suppliers, and telephone contracts. The Dyme app allows users to see all of their recurring payments in one overview, and to cancel or change subscriptions with one single click - without ever having to leave the app.


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