Stibbe advises Circuit Park Zandvoort

Stibbe advises Circuit Park Zandvoort

Stibbe advises Circuit Park Zandvoort

01.11.2019 NL law

Stibbe has advised Circuit Park Zandvoort on the necessary permits for the renovation of the circuit to make it possible to host Formula 1 racing in Zandvoort. Various nature and environmental organisations had requested the District Court of Noord-Holland in two preliminary relief proceedings, to stop the work on the circuit. The proceedings concerned eligibility for an exemption for disturbing protected animal species, and a permit for carrying out a nitrogen-emitting project near a Natura 2000 area.

The Court rejected the requests of the nature and environmental organisations. Work may now begin to prepare the circuit for Formula 1 racing.

Click here for the rulings of the District Court of Noord-Holland of 29 October and 1 November this year. 


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