Stibbe advises Eurus Energy Europe

Stibbe advises Eurus Energy Europe

Stibbe advises Eurus Energy Europe

17.01.2019 NL law

Stibbe advised Eurus Energy Europe (Eurus), a leading Japanese renewable energy company, in respect of the onshore Windpark Deil.

Eurus and YARD, a Dutch-based developer of wind energy projects, jointly announced yesterday that they have achieved financial close for the construction of Windpark Deil.

Windpark Deil is one of the three windparks to be built near the interchange between the A2 and A15 motorways in the municipality of West Betuwe in Gelderland.

Please click here for the press release of Eurus/Yard.

Stibbe team: Martin In de Braekt, Li Wee Toh, Sabine Baegen, Neeltje Walgemoed.


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