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Stibbe provides promising start-ups with one year of free legal support

Stibbe geeft veelbelovende startups jaar lang gratis advies

Stibbe provides promising start-ups with one year of free legal support

12.09.2017 NL law

Stibbe launches a new programme called Stibbe StartsUP, offering free legal support for one year to promising companies active in various industries. This initiative stems from our desire to help young businesses and an interest in innovation. Sound legal advice is crucial for companies starting out but is often too expensive in the early stages.

We recognize that start-ups face new and ever-changing challenges which do not always fit the traditional client-lawyer relationship. Stibbe StartsUP is looking for candidates at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, one of our most important selection criterion is innovation power. This may be because the start-up is operating in unchartered territory or there are legal issues in new markets that have not been explored before. Start-ups may face a combination of both, like our first participant EME.

EME is a Dutch start-up wanting to speed up the transition to a circular economy by bringing parties together to get rid of reusable waste through a digital marketplace. Waste for one company may be of value to other companies. EME already works with parties like ABN AMRO, Accenture and BAM.

Participation in Stibbe StartsUP is a two-way process. We provide full-service legal advice to help the start-ups grow their business to the next phase and at the same time our lawyers learn from the companies selected for the programme.

"When we started Caterpillar (our previous start-up programme) in 2012, we were one of the first law firms to guide start-ups for a reduced rate," says Aaldert ten Veen, partner at Stibbe and co-initiator of Stibbe StartsUP. "Now we are launching a new start-up programme, which allows us to offer our services free of charge for carefully selected start-ups in innovative markets for one year. This programme is distinctive because the entire office participates, all lawyers join this initiative. We also commit ourselves to the selected start-ups for one year, which means that there is no traditional client-lawyer relationship and a shared goal is sought. Our ambition is to extend Stibbe StartsUP to 4 participants a year. That is really unique in the Netherlands."

For more information about Stibbe StartsUP, please send an email to:


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