21 September 2017: breakfast meeting following the King's speech on 'energy transition and wind power on land'

21 September 2017: breakfast meeting following the King's speech on 'energy transition and wind power on land'

21 September 2017: breakfast meeting following the King's speech on 'energy transition and wind power on land'

15.09.2017 NL law

Two days after Prinsjesdag, Stibbe Amsterdam and Pondera will host a breakfast meeting at Nieuwspoort in the Hague about energy transition in the Netherlands and the future of wind power on land.

Energy transition and wind power on land

We will talk about the challenges and opportunities for  energy transition in the Netherlands, particularly the contribution of wind power on land. What can be expected from a new Cabinet in the field of the energy transition and wind power on land? Will the new Cabinet take a back seat and encourage the provinces and municipalities to get involved? And how will the authorities interpret the energy objectives? In any case, policies for wind energy on land are increasing. But which players have a role to play in the process? Alongside the large power producers, more and more local and private organisations are coming up with interesting initiatives to generate renewable energy. In short, we will look at the future of wind power on land and its impact on energy transition.


Speakers from Stibbe and Pondera will start the meeting. They will talk about the energy transition, the King's speech and the Cabinet formation. Then Han Weber (Province of South Holland) and Alderman Abdeluheb Calcutt (Municipality of Amsterdam) will share their views on energy transition, including the challenges and opportunities. Afterwards, representatives from various political parties from the House of Representatives will take part in an open discussion with the attendees about  'energy transition and wind power on land'.

The breakfast meeting will be chaired by Roelof Hemmen, the presenter of the BLT daily news programme on BNR Radio and also prominent for his role at RTL News over many years.

The meeting will start at 7.45 am and end at 10.00 am. The location is  Nieuwspoort Den Haag - Lange Poten 10 - 2511 CL Den Haag.

For more information and to register, please send an email to:

Kindly note this meeting will be held in Dutch.


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