30 November 2017: Seminar on affordable housing

30 November 2017: Seminar on affordable housing

30 November 2017: Seminar on affordable housing

24.10.2017 NL law

There is a growing need for affordable housing in the Netherlands. On 30 November, Stibbe Amsterdam will host a seminar in cooperation with Bureau Stedelijke Planning on this topic.

The seminar will explore the following questions on affordable housing:

  • How can we achieve more affordable housing? 
  • What are the possibilities and the limitations? 
  • Are there any innovative solutions?
  • How can governments and organizations join forces to tackle this challenge? 

During the seminar, experts from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations the Province of North Holland, BPD, Stibbe and Bureau Stedelijke Planning will give practical examples and share their vision.

What to expect?

  • Erik Jan van Kempen will address the vision and the role of the government on affordable housing and indicate what the government expect from other parties. 
  • Joke Gaber will discuss regional policy and the position of affordable housing, regional differences and the role of the Province of North Holland . 
  • Desirée Uitzetter will highlight the opportunities and challenges for developers in the housing market. 
  • Frans Wittenberg will speak about the supply of and demand for affordable housing, regional differences and the importance of affordable housing for cities and regions. He will also give some examples of innovative solutions for affordable housing, which will be summarized in a handout  for the attendees. 
  • Jan van Oosten will discuss the opportunities and legal bottlenecks in coordination, construction and preservation of affordable housing. 

For more information and to register, please go to the registration form (in Dutch).

When: 30 November 2017 from 12.00 -18.00.

Where: Stibbe office: Beethovenplein 10 – Amsterdam.


Kindly note the debate will be in Dutch.


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