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Amendment of Euronext Rule Books

Amendment of Euronext Rule Books

Amendment of Euronext Rule Books

06.03.2017 NL law

On 2 January 2017, an amended version of Euronext Rule Book II, which includes rules specific to the Euronext Amsterdam market, entered into force. One significant change is that it is no longer required to discuss with Euronext an amendment to the articles of association of an issuer listed on Euronext Amsterdam. More generally, certain other provisions of the previous version of Rule Book II were deleted in light of its further harominsation with the harmonised Euronext rules.

On 6 March 2017, an amended version of Euronext Rule Book I, which includes harmonised rules across all Euronext markets, entered into force.  Noteworthy changes include a requirement for each issuer to (i) possess its legal entity identifier for as long is its financial instruments are admitted to trading on a Euronext market, and (ii) appoint one or more clearing organisations to clear transactions, such organisations being, with limited exceptions, Banque Centrale de Compensation S.A., a corporation (société anonyme) organised under the laws of France, and European Central Counterparty N.V., a company with limited liability (naamloze vennootschap) organised under the laws of the Netherlands.


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