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Capital Markets Union Midterm Review

Capital Markets Union Midterm Review

Capital Markets Union Midterm Review

13.06.2017 NL law

On 8 June 2017, the European Commission (the “EC”) released its midterm review of its Capital Markets Union Action Plan (the “CMU Action Plan”), which, among other things, seeks to strengthen Europe’s financial system by providing alternative sources of financing and more opportunities for consumers and institutional investors.  The CMU Action Plan forms a key pillar of the EC’s Investment Plan for Europe, and the midterm review highlights the EC’s delivery of almost two-thirds of the 33 measures forming the CMU Action Plan.

Actions under the CMU Action Plan noted as outstanding include legislative proposals (i) on a pan-European personal pension product to help individuals finance their retirement, (ii) for an European Union framework on covered bonds to help banks finance their lending activity, and (iii) concerning securities laws to increase legal certainty on securities ownership in the cross-border context.

The EC published additional materials fleshing out its midterm review, including a Q&A, Fact Sheet, Staff Working Document, and Communication.


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