16 May 2017: Seminar ‘Ladder for Sustainable Urbanization’ (Ladder voor Duurzame Verstedelijking)

16 May 2017: Seminar ‘Ladder for Sustainable Urbanization’ (Ladder voor Duurzame Verstedelijking)

16 May 2017: Seminar ‘Ladder for Sustainable Urbanization’ (Ladder voor Duurzame Verstedelijking)

21.04.2017 NL law

On Tuesday 16 May Stibbe will host a seminar in cooperation with Bureau Stedelijke Planning on the most important changes of the ‘Ladder for Sustainable Urbanization’ (Ladder voor Duurzame Verstedelijking). The modified Ladder comes into effect on 1 July 2017.


In April 2017, the Council of Ministers decided to change the ‘Ladder for Sustainable Urbanization’ (Ladder voor Duurzame Verstedelijking) to simplify the process and make it more effective. On 16 May, Jacqueline Vrolijk, project leader of the Ladder for Sustainable Urbanization at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Jan van Oosten, lawyer at Stibbe, and Pieter van der Heijde, General Director of Bureau Stedelijke Planning, will discuss the most important changes. The emphasis of this seminar is on the effects of the modified Ladder in practice.

The Seminar will place at the office of Stibbe in Amsterdam (Beethovenplein 10) from 14.00h – 18.00h. To attend this seminar or for more information send an email to:

About the Ladder

The Ladder of  Sustainable Urbanization is a new instrument for spatial planning. It has been set up to ensure a thorough examination of the impact of planning applications from an environmental perspective. Local authorities, property developers, lawyers and urban planners have many questions about how to use the Ladder in a correct and effective way.


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