Seminar Application Ladder of Sustainable Urbanization

Seminar Application Ladder of Sustainable Urbanization

Seminar Application Ladder of Sustainable Urbanization


On Tuesday 30 Juni 2015 Stibbe will organize a seminar on the Application of the Ladder of Sustainable Urbanization ('Ladder voor duurzame verstedelijking') in cooperation with the Stedelijke Planning Bureau.

The Ladder of  Sustainable Urbanization is a new instrument for spatial planning. It has been set up to ensure a thorough examination of the impact of planning applications from an environmental perspective. Local authorities, property developers, lawyers and urban planners have many questions about how to use the Ladder in a correct and effective way.

The Ladder has been used often since its inception. As a result, there are many practical examples available we can learn from, including how it is viewed by the courts.

On 10 March 2015 Stibbe and the Stedelijke Planning Bureau already organized a seminar about this topic in Amsterdam. Due to the overwhelming interest we received back then, we have decided to host this seminar again, in Eindhoven.

During this meeting you will be informed about the Ladder from different angles:

  • Goal of the Ladder
  • The situations in which the Ladder could and should be used
  • Possibilities created by the Ladder for environmental/spatial planning
  • Insights from local authorities, provinces and the NEPROM (The Netherlands Association of Property Developers and Investors) regarding the application
  • Legal traps and the latest case law
  • Tips and tricks for a thorough understanding of the three steps of the Ladder

For more information please contact us:

Please note this expert meeting will be held in Dutch.

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