Stibbe advises Vodafone

Stibbe advises Vodafone

Stibbe advises Vodafone

06.02.2015 NL law

Stibbe advises Vodafone Netherlands with the filing of a lawsuit with the Court of Rotterdam against the ACM in respect of its approval of KPN’s takeover of FTTH operator Reggefiber.

In October 2014, the ACM approved KPN’s acquisition of a controlling 60% stake in Reggefiber with a further option to obtain full ownership of the FTTH network. In November 2014, KPN reached an agreement with joint-venture partner Reggeborgh to acquire the remaining 40% stake and obtain 100% ownership. Vodafone is a wholesale customer of Reggefiber for its triple play services including Vodafone TV. However, Reggefiber is subject to wholesale access regulation.


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