Michael Molenaars is Co-Chair and Giovanni Smet is a speaker at the 15th ABA Annual Conference on Tax Planning Strategies

Michael Molenaars is Co-Chair and Giovanni Smet is a speaker at the 15th ABA Annual Conference on Tax Planning Strategies

Michael Molenaars is Co-Chair and Giovanni Smet is a speaker at the 15th ABA Annual Conference on Tax Planning Strategies


The 15th Annual Conference on Tax Planning Strategies - US and Europe of the American Bar Association in Munich features two Stibbe panelists: Michael Molenaars is Co-Chair of a panel on ‘Exchange of Information Going Global: FATCA, OECD, EU and Beyond’, whereas Giovanni Smet is a speaker on the Belgian tax aspects of alternative financing techniques.

Michael's panel discusses 'The global exchange of tax information that first started to become a reality in 2010 with the US enactment of FATCA has spread to the proliferation of more than 80 Inter-Governmental Agreements to implement FATCA followed by similar programs adopted or in the process of adoption by the UK, an OECD consortium of more than 50 nations and the EU, so far. The panel will explore the obligations imposed on taxpayers as to how to determine if they are subject to these rules, how they can determine whose accounts may be subject to reporting as well as the reporting burden placed on them. The overlapping nature of these separate regimes will be explored as well as their spread to not only annual tax information but rulings and other information a tax administrator desires to obtain. The panel will be aided by representatives from a key global investment firm dealing with these issues as well as the OECD team that is helping to shape the evolving OECD initiative'.

Giovanni discusses the Belgian tax aspects of alternative (non-banking) financing techniques, such as peer to peer lending and crowd funding.


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