Stibbe advises Kinepolis

Stibbe advises Kinepolis

Stibbe advises Kinepolis


Stibbe advises Kinepolis on its acquisition of the Dutch Wolff cinema group. Kinepolis acquires nine existing cinemas in the Netherlands, as well as two new construction projects for a megaplex in Utrecht and a multiplex in Dordrecht. The Wolff group not only manages cinemas, but is also a programmer and purchasing centre for other cinemas. These activities are taken over by Kinepolis as well. Moreover, as part of its expansion plans, Kinepolis is also developing its own project for the construction of a multiplex cinema in the Netherlands.

With the takeover of the Dutch Wolff cinema group, Kinepolis expands geographically by adding a new country to its existing portfolio of cinemas in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Poland. The acquisition fits in with Kinepolis group's expansion strategy to offer its movie experience concepts to a wider public and thereby create value for its shareholders.


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