Stibbe advises Immo Coronmeusse

Stibbe advises Immo Coronmeusse

Stibbe advises Immo Coronmeusse

21.05.2012 BE law

Advising Immo Coronmeusse, on the public procurement of redevelopment and reconstruction works of the Coronmeuse site in Liège.

The Immo Coronmeusse aims to breathe new life into the dilapidated area of Coronmeuse, which is situated along the Meuse River in Liège, Wallonia. This site of 200,000–230,000 sq.m will become an ecological area in which at least 60% of it will be residential (with 1.200 housing facilities), 15% for offices and public services, and 10% will be commercial development, which includes a hotel that will occupy 7.500 sq.m.


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