Stibbe assists the City of Brussels on Project NEO

Stibbe assists the City of Brussels on Project NEO

Stibbe assists the City of Brussels on Project NEO

21.02.2007 BE law

Assisting the City of Brussels in the real estate, town planning, environmental, tax, and public procurement aspects of the renovation and redevelopment project of the Heysel site called “Project NEO”.

The team's work included a search for and selection of a master planner for the development of the new Heysel plateau (67 ha which is to include a congress center, shopping center, sports infrastructure, etc.). Stibbe was in charge of evaluating the different proposals submitted by competing master planners from various countries. After the appointment of the Master Planner, the realization of the NEO Master Plan (known as “The NEO project: Phase 1 at Heysel, Brussels”) and the short-listing of three leading, international development consortia, the project took a giant step in December 2012 towards the next phase, which is the development phase. 

The Mayor of the City of Brussels says that Brussels expects to create a project of outstanding urban planning and architectural quality. Environmental factors and the sustainability of the project are of particular importance, including the integration of the project with existing facilities and the local community.


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