Data Centres

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Data centre activity one of the fastest growing sectors in the regio.

Data Centres

The Benelux is preferred by global data centre providers and cloud operators. Its strategic location and well established technology infrastructure makes data centre activity one of the fastest growing sectors in the region, which explains why it also known as the 'Digital Gateway to Europe'.

Our data centre team has full sector knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the wide range of legal issues in this field. As a result, we represent corporate users, developers, owners, lenders and investors on data centre development and operation agreements, while providing guidance on industry-specific terms and conditions and jurisdictional exposure (LEA, data protection, taxation).

We have experience advising clients on all aspects of the construction, development, zoning plan procedures, leasing, financing, joint venture, acquisition and sale of data centres.  Our team also advises on data centre hardware purchase, environmental permitting, power purchase, data governance and retention policies, cloud strategies, cybersecurity and various user agreements.

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