Corporate investigations

We are Stibbe Corporate Investigations specialists

As a top-tier firm in crisis management and investigations, we possess experience in defending clients during corporate investigations and subsequent proceedings before the criminal and civil courts.

Corporate Investigations

Over the years, public authorities have increased their focus on combating fraud, corruption and cartels. Stibbe is a top-tier firm engaged by sophisticated multi-national companies for "bet the company work" including crisis management and corporate investigations.

As part of our wide-ranging service we have particular expertise and extensive experience in the areas of white collar crime (including US FCPA and UK Bribery Act related matters), antitrust, financial regulatory, high-profile bankruptcy, public law, corporate law, tax, labor law and litigation.

Our work comprises of in-depth (corporate) investigations for companies and (semi) public organisations, advise on "damage control" and defending them before the relevant authorities and courts. Furthermore, we assist corporations who become subject to national or multi-jurisdictional investigations to develop coordinated cross-border strategies. We act swiftly in situations where timing is of the essence (e.g. in "whistle-blowing" cases).

We are well known for our integrated teams that combine cutting-edge legal expertise with quick, well-organized and "tailor-made" corporate investigations. This allows us to anticipate how the influence of current developments in one legal field may have an impact on events in another legal field.

In cases that are likely to attract publicity, we also assist with the press strategy.

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Market recognition

Chambers Award 2018

Belgium Law Firm of the Year

"A spot-on performance; very pragmatic, always with the eye on the ball but also managing to dig deep into the case."

Chambers Europe 2016, Corporate Investigations chapter
Who's Who Legal Awards 2018

Belgium Law Firm of the Year

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