We are Stibbe Restructuring specialists

With a network of global relationships, we are able to advise both domestic and international clients on their strategic restructuring objectives around the world.


We work closely with all parties to identify opportunities and risks, delivering restructuring strategies to achieve our clients’ commercial goals.

A large part of our work is assisting financial institutions and lenders’ syndicates in recovering and safeguarding their rights under loan agreements, granted to companies in distress.

Furthermore, our specialists focus on enhancing a client’s collateral while paying attention to potential lenders’ liabilities, side-effects of certain insolvency proceedings (e.g. claw back provisions) and the tax, social security and criminal law aspects of the restructuring process.

A key part of our service is the close integration between our branches around the world. When combined with our long-standing relationships with law firms in other jurisdictions, our cross-border strength maximises the benefits of creditor protection in each jurisdiction.

Collaboration with our corporate finance and litigation teams ensure every case is handled in the most efficient and effective way.

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24.02.2021 NL law
How certain elements of the Dutch scheme may (or may not) affect ISDA Master Agreements

Articles - On 1 January 2021, the legislative framework for court-approved restructurings of debts outside formal insolvency proceedings (hereafter referred to as the ‘Dutch scheme’, or simply, the ‘scheme’) entered into force. Under the Dutch scheme a debt restructuring plan can be submitted to the creditors for voting, whereby a majority can bind a minority within each class of creditors and the competent court has the power to make the plan binding on dissenting classes of creditors.

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16.04.2020 NL law
Business loan guarantee scheme (Garantie ondernemingsfinanciering (GO))

Articles - Under the Business Loan Guarantee Scheme (Garantie Ondernemingsfinanciering, GO) (the "GO-scheme") the Dutch State guarantees up to 50% (recently updated to 90% as part of coronavirus measures) of the principal amount of eligible facilities made available to large and medium-sized companies in the Netherlands by participating lenders

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15.10.2021 NL law
BRRD II implementation in the Netherlands

Short Reads - Recently, the Dutch bill for the implementation of BRRD II (i.e. Directive (EU) 2014/59 establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions and investment firms, as amended by Directive (EU) 2019/879) in the Netherlands was submitted to Dutch Parliament, where it is currently under debate.

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18.03.2020 EU law
Stibbe: COVID-19

Short Reads - In view of the developments concerning the coronavirus, we hereby inform you of our business operations and the measures we take to ensure the continuity of our services to you.

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03.11.2020 BE law
Chambers and Partners Banking & Finance 2020 Global Practice Guide

Articles - The Chambers Banking & Finance 2020 Global Practice Guide covers 34 jurisdictions and discusses the impact of COVID-19, the high-yield market, restrictions on foreign lenders granting loans or security, foreign currency exchange, debt buy-back, withholding tax, guarantees and security, bankruptcy and insolvency, and EHS laws.

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