Stibbe advises Excess Materials Exchange (EME)

Stibbe advises Excess Materials Exchange (EME)

Stibbe advises Excess Materials Exchange (EME)

01.07.2019 NL law

Excess Materials Exchange (EME), a digital facilitated marketplace B2B platform for excess materials trade. We advised on matters with regard to setting up the articles of association and legal structure, employment law, data protection and advise EME on the legal position of the definition of “waste”.

What the Excess Materials Exchange does

The Excess Materials Exchange is a digital facilitated marketplace where companies can exchange any excess materials and products. It functions like a dating site: they actively match supply and demand and materials with its highest-value reuse opportunity.

Collaboration: Stibbe and the Excess Materials Exchange

Stibbe provided insight into the important legal issues of trade in secondary materials via an online platform. Knowledge about these legal issues was shared with EME’s customers and partners in presentations and expert meetings. EME and Stibbe have been working with Dutch and European policymakers to explore how to improve regulation from a circular economy perspective.

Maayke Damen, founder of the Excess Materials Exchange:

“Our collaboration with Stibbe helped us to explore the playing field around a circular economy from a legal perspective. We discovered that that there are so many more possibilities than we (consumers and companies) think, for example with regard to new innovative legislation. It has been very important for our business to demonstrate this, for example in the expert meetings we organised together with Stibbe. We are grateful to have been part of the Stibbe StartsUP programme and very happy to continue our work with Stibbe.”


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