Barbara Bier

Practising law since 1988, Barbara is a former Stibbe partner and civil law notary. Today she advises a range of clients in her role as of counsel.

Barbara’s experience and specialisms cover a broad range of areas including financial restructurings, codes of conduct/ethics, corporate governance, capital protection rules, liability of managing directors and supervisory directors, and other areas of company law. On these matters, Barbara works in close partnerships with both national and international (listed) clients.

Furthermore, Barbara is a professor of corporate law and corporate governance at the Nyenrode Business University and regularly teaches at post-graduate courses at different institutes.

She occupies various other positions, including memberships with the Combined Committee on Company Law, the Board of the Commercial Law Association (Vereeniging Handelsrecht) and the Board of the Foundation for Scientific Research (Notarial) Corporate Law.

Barbara is a member of the editing board of the Magazine for Company Law (Tijdschrift voor de Ondernemingsrechtpraktijk), SDU Comments on corporate law and the Corporate Governance Yearbook.

  • Languages: Dutch, English


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