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Stibbe launches new website covering Heat Act

Stibbe launches new website covering Heat Act

Stibbe launches new website covering Heat Act

21.06.2021 NL law

Stibbe launches Heat Act website to keep clients informed on developments concerning the Heat Act and Heat Act 2.

The Heat Act entered into force on 1 January 2014 and has been amended several times since. The most recent amendment entered into force on 1 January 2020. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is currently working on a new Heat Act (the Bill on Collective Heat Supply, also known as the Heat Act 2). The aim is for the Heat Act 2 to enter into force on 1 January 2022; however, this may not be realised considering that the bill has not yet been sent to Parliament.

In the context of the current legislative process, the developments relating to the Heat Act 2 are following in rapid succession. In view of the plans for the built environment that follow from the Climate Agreement, it is expected that the Heat Act 2, and the development and scaling up of heat supply in the built environment, will remain highly topical. That is why the Stibbe Heat Act team have set up a dedicated website to keep clients informed of the developments regarding the bill on the Heat Act 2 and the current Heat Act.

Stibbe Heat Act team

The Heat Act and the Heat Act 2 have implications relating to administrative law, general contract law, procurement law and energy law, and require special expertise in each of these areas. This also applies if a heat company intends to develop a new project, such as obtaining the required administrative approvals and entering into contractual agreements with all the parties involved. For parties wishing to supply heat to a heat network or who are approached by a third party in that respect, knowledge is required of the regulations governing the supply of heat and residual heat under the Heat Act 2, as well as knowledge of the law of obligations. Municipalities also require specialist knowledge of the Heat Act 2 considering the central role they will have under this new Act.

Our Stibbe Heat Act team combines our experts’ specialist legal knowledge to provide our clients with quick clarity on Heat Act issues.

Click here to visit the Heat Act website.

Stibbe team: Jan Reinier van Angeren, Martin In de Braekt, Jaap Waverijn, Jane van der Loo



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