International webinar on cloud computing in the financial sector

International webinar on cloud computing in the financial sector

International webinar on cloud computing in the financial sector

30.06.2020 NL law

Stibbe is organising an international webinar on cloud computing in the financial sector - What financial institutions need to know when considering a move to the Cloud. The webinar takes place on 30 June 2020 at 4:00 pm.​​

During this webinar, representatives of market parties, the National Bank of Belgium and Stibbe will discuss the legal challenges in relation to cloud computing approaching the subject from a Benelux angle. Please find below the programme.

Introduction to the Webinar​

Erik Valgaeren, Partner, Stibbe Brussels

Benjamin Marthoz, Counsel, Stibbe Luxembourg


Cloud Overview: Technological Principles and Legal Implications 

Sven Schoenaerts, Benelux Enterprise Lead, Amazon Web Services

Reka Boda, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Amazon Web Services


The Regulatory Framework: European Prudential Expectations on Cloud Outsourcing 

Sarah Ben Aïssa, Senior IT Prudential Supervisor, National Bank of Belgium


The Role of the “Cloud Officer” in a Luxembourg Credit Institution

Olivier Waltzing, IT Outsourcing & Cloud Officer, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg​

Maxime Souleillet, Senior Regulatory Advisor, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg


Being Compliant in the Cloud: the Necessity to be in Control and to Document the Cloud Outsourcing Lifecycle Properly

Roderik Vrolijk, Senior Associate, Stibbe Amsterdam

Simon Landuyt, Senior Associate, Stibbe Brussels

Nicolas Pradel, Associate, Stibbe Luxembourg


Q&A session

Carol Evrard, Associate, Stibbe Brussels (moderator)


Conclusion to the webinar 

Benjamin Marthoz, Counsel, Stibbe Luxembourg


The session will be conducted in English. If you are interested in registering or have any questions, please send us an e-mail at


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