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3 February 2017: Matthijs Kuijpers speaks at the European Corporate and Private M&A Conference in Paris

3 February 2017: Matthijs Kuijpers speaks at the European Corporate and Private M&A Conference in Paris

12.01.2017 NL law

On 2 and 3 February the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee will host their 5th European Corporate and Private M&A Conference in Paris. During this conference speakers will cover current legal developments in European private mergers and aqcuisitions; M&A in the banking sector; and competition law and M&A. Matthijs Kuijpers from Stibbe in Amsterdam is one of the speakers.

Matthijs will take part in the panel about “The ‘known unknown’ 2.0 – loss of profits, direct, indirect and consequential damages in European M&A deals”. This concerns only a few words in the remedy provision of an acquisition agreement, which sometimes requires little if any attention from first draft to signing and at other times the parties spend whole negotiation sessions on the subject. How important are these buzz words? What do they mean in various jurisdictions? And what are viable compromises? The panel will discuss those questions and, hopefully, give some answers.

Registration is possible before 25 January at: www.ibanet.org/conferences/conf770.aspx.

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17.01.2018 NL law
Inwerkingtreding Besluit inhoud bestuursverslag

Short Reads - Op 1 januari 2018 is het Besluit van 29 augustus 2017 tot wijziging van het Besluit inhoud bestuursverslag in werking getreden (Stb. 2017, 332) (“Wijzigingsbesluit”). De herziene Nederlandse Corporate Governance Code (“Code 2016”) is hiermee wettelijk verankerd. Daarnaast is het toepassingsbereik van het Besluit inhoud bestuursverslag gewijzigd en is de wijze waarop de accountant de corporate governance verklaring in het bestuursverslag toetst verduidelijkt.

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Wet bestuur en toezicht: evaluatie en voortgang behandeling wetsvoorstel bestuur en toezicht rechtspersonen

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Overview of Legislative Proposal on Collective Action (NL) - As amended by the Amendment Bill of 11 January 2018

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