Intergovernmental collaboration: legal tips & tricks for self-governing municipal companies and intercommunal partnerships

Intergovernmental collaboration: legal tips & tricks for self-governing municipal companies and intercommunal partnerships

25.02.2014 BE law

Local authorities, their agencies and associations are increasingly confronted with budget constraints, new obligations, and new assignments.

Also, the legal context is becoming more complex, while the requirement for collaboration is becoming greater than ever.

In view of this, Stibbe is organising a seminar on Tuesday, 25 February 2013 during which the concerns of these local authorities will be discussed and analysed.

However, this seminar can also be interesting for companies that wish to gain insight into the underlying motives and restrictions associated with a collaboration with these type of public partners. 

As it will be impossible to discuss every aspect of such collaboration during the seminar, we will focus on the following aspects which, as we know from experience, often raise questions.

Please contact us for more information.

Please note that this seminar will be held in Dutch 
Interlokale samenwerking: Juridische tips & tricks voor autonome gemeentebedrijven en intergemeentelijke samenwerkingsverbanden.


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