We are Stibbe Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection specialists

We have expertise in representing our clients before the highest level of courts, guiding them through every stage of complex proceedings.

Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection

As one of the leading firms in this complex area of law, our broad expertise has successfully assisted many clients in disputes before the courts.

Our advice and litigation experience covers a diverse range of matters such as misleading and comparative advertising, loyalty schemes, joint offers, sales at a loss, seasonal sales, liquidation sales, (un)fair sales practices (refusal to supply, denigration, parallel trade), lotteries and games, product legislation, labelling, price reduction mechanisms and legislation regarding products.

We handle these complex matters across a variety of sectors including retail, toys, tobacco, hygiene products and food.

Through our interdisciplinary approach we assist clients with specific actions, drafting commercial conditions and rules of competitions, as well as representing them before the national courts, the Court of Justice and the EU Commission, in particular with regards to preliminary rulings and complaints.

Furthermore, we have essential experience with negotiations and procedures before various regulators and inspection authorities.

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Market recognition

Our lawyers knew the environment and realised the delicate nature of the investigation.

Chambers Europe 2014, Competition/European Law chapter

Belgium Law Firm of the year

Chambers Europe Awards for Excellence 2014

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30.05.2017 EU law
The Growth of Collective Redress in the EU: A Survey of Developments in 10 Member States—the need to maintain safeguards

Articles - In 2013, the European Commission adopted a Recommendation on Collective Redress. It invited Member States to adopt a collective redress framework by July 2016 that would include the features mentioned in the Recommendation and then by July 2017, to report to the Commission about the extent to which they had done so. On the basis of the Member States’ report, the Commission will assess whether further actions by the EU is required.

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26.04.2017 BE law
Verplichte wekelijkse rustdag is wettig

Short Reads - De verplichte wekelijkse rustdag zoals vastgelegd in de wet van 10 november 2006 betreffende de openingsuren in handel, ambacht en dienstverlening (“Openingsurenwet”) blijft de gemoederen beroeren. In een arrest van 9 februari 2017 heeft het hof van beroep te Antwerpen andermaal een handelaar veroordeeld die deze wekelijkse rustdag niet naleefde.

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26.04.2017 BE law
Prijsvergelijking tussen winkels van verschillende omvang

Short Reads - Het Hof van Justitie heeft uitspraak gedaan over een prejudiciële vraag in verband met een grootschalige reclamecampagne van een supermarktketen op televisie.[1]  In deze campagne werden de prijzen van 500 producten van grote merken in de winkels van Carrefour vergeleken met die in de winkels van concurrenten, waaronder die van Intermarché.

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26.04.2017 BE law
Comparaison des prix entre des magasins de taille différente

Short Reads - La Cour de Justice de l’Union européenne s’est prononcée sur une question préjudicielle relative à une campagne publicitaire télévisée de grande ampleur menée par les supermarchés Carrefour.[1] Dans ce cadre de cette campagne étaient comparés les prix de 500 produits de grandes marques pratiqués dans les magasins Carrefour avec et ceux pratiqués dans les magasins d’enseignes concurrentes, parmi lesquels les magasins Intermarché.

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26.04.2017 BE law
Le repos hebdomadaire obligatoire est légal

Short Reads - Le repos hebdomadaire obligatoire tel que fixé dans la loi du 10 novembre 2006 relative aux heures d'ouverture dans le commerce, l'artisanat et les services (ci-après « loi relative aux heures d’ouverture ») continue à susciter l’émoi. Dans un arrêt du 9 février 2017, la Cour d’appel d’Anvers a une nouvelle fois condamné un commerçant qui ne respectait pas ce jour de repos hebdomadaire.

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