We are Stibbe EU Law, Competition and Regulation specialists

Our experience in EU and competition law ensures we are able to handle the most complex domestic or international matters for our clients.

EU Law, Competition and Regulation

With proven experience in this often-complex area of law, our experts have successfully defended clients in landmark cases in Belgium, the Netherlands and the EU. 

On the menu to the right you will find a list of the specialisms we provide our clients including local companies, multinationals, associations, national and international governments and institutions.

Our expert team has particular expertise in national and transnational cartels and litigation together with regulatory issues in many areas such as the energy, health, communications, media and transport sectors. With regard to litigation, we represent clients with cases brought before the national courts, competition authorities, the General Court, the European Court of Justice and the EU Commission.

As part of our wide-ranging service we handle EU competition law, national competition law, EU law, internal market secondary legislation, regulated markets and unfair commercial practices.

In addition, we assist clients in a large number of civil claims for damages for infringements of competition law.

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The firm has excellent knowledge of our business and the issues that might create problems for us.

Chambers Europe 2014, Competition/European Law

Our lawyers knew the environment and realised the delicate nature of the investigation.

Chambers Europe 2014, Competition/European Law chapter

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08.03.2017 EU law
Groen Europa, groene deals: staatssteun aan oplaadinfrastructuur voor elektrische auto’s goedgekeurd

Short Reads - Op 13 februari 2017 keurde de Europese Commissie (“EC“) een Duitse subsidieregeling ten behoeve van oplaadinfrastructuur voor elektrische auto’s goed. Zij oordeelde dat deze subsidieregeling verenigbaar is met de interne markt. Voor Nederland heeft de EC eerder voor een soortgelijke regeling (“De Green Deal Openbaar Toegankelijke Laadinfra”) groen licht gegeven. De EC laat hiermee zien dat het staatssteunrecht veel ruimte biedt om de markt voor elektrische auto’s te stimuleren.

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01.03.2017 EU law
European Commission opens three investigations in the e-commerce sector

Short Reads - On 2 February 2017, the European Commission published a press release announcing that it had launched three separate investigations in the e-commerce sector (two investigations on its own initiative and one following complaints from customers). These investigations are part of the Commission’s broader Digital Single Market Strategy, which aims to eliminate barriers that hinder cross-border online sales [see our October 2016 Newsletter].   

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20.03.2017 EU law
Shareholders’ rights directive proposal and the implications for Belgian listed companies

Articles - The financial crisis showed many shortcomings in corporate governance of listed companies contributed to the financial crisis. In this regard, the European Commission submitted a proposal for an amended shareholders’ rights directive (the Proposal) in 2014, which aimed to enhance effective and long-term shareholder engagement within listed companies.

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01.03.2017 EU law
Implementation of Antitrust Damages Directive: Dutch legislation effective as of 10 February 2017

Short Reads - On 9 February 2017, the act implementing the Antitrust Damages Directive (Directive 2014/104 /EU, the "Directive") into the laws of the Netherlands (the "Implementation Act") was published  in the official Bulletin of Acts and Decrees (het Staatsblad). The Implementation Act is effective as of 10 February 2017 [see our July 2016 Newsletter].

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01.03.2017 EU law
Belgian Competition Authority publishes Guidelines on how to identify and avoid bid-rigging

Short Reads - The Belgian Competition Authority ("BCA") published Guidelines, addressed to procurement officials, with a view to preventing and detecting "bid-rigging". The Guidelines find their inspiration in texts such as the OECD Guidelines for Fighting bid rigging. They provide an overview (i) of indications that bid-rigging practices occur, (ii) of market circumstances that facilitate bid-rigging, and (iii) of best practices to prevent bid-rigging.

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01.02.2017 EU law
District Court of Rotterdam confirms that investment firms may be held liable for conduct of portfolio companies

Short Reads - On 30 January 2017, the District Court of Rotterdam upheld the ACM's decision to impose a fine on investment firm Bencis for an infringement committed by its portfolio company Meneba. In 2014, the ACM imposed fines on three investment firms for the involvement of one of their (former) portfolio companies in an alleged cartel on the Dutch flour market, including Bencis that received a fine of EUR 1,3 million [see our January 2015 Newsletter]. Only Bencis appealed the ACM's decision.  

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08.03.2017 NL law
Creatief staatssteunargument ketst af op het relativiteitsbeginsel bij de Centrale Raad van Beroep

Short Reads - Appellant krijgt bijstand op grond van de Wet werk en bijstand. De gemeente Arnhem biedt hem een zogeheten ‘opstapbaan’ aan bij de organisatie 2Switch, maar hij weigert deze baan. Voor de Centrale Raad van Beroep (“CRvB“) betoogt hij dat het aannemen van deze baan staatssteun faciliteert waardoor hij deze baan terecht geweigerd heeft. De CRvB wijst dit argument op grond van het relativiteitsbeginsel van artikel 8:69a Awb af.

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01.03.2017 EU law
European Commission approves German measure to support electric charging infrastructure for green vehicles

Short Reads - On 13 February 2017, the European Commission decided that the German measure to support the installation and upgrade of electric charging infrastructure for users of electric vehicles across the country is compatible with the EU State aid rules.

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20.02.2017 EU law
EU State Aid Control: chapter about State Measure

Articles - This chapter of EU State Aid Control deals with the element in Article 107(1) TFEU that only interventions by the State or through State resources can qualify as State aid in the sense of the EU State aid rules. As is the case with respect to the other elements of Art. 107(1) TFEU, no specific legislation exists on the issue of State measures. However, the Commission Notice on the notion of State aid as referred to in Article 107(1) TFEU (the “Notice on the notion of State aid”),1 published on 19 May 2016, covers this topic extensively.

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01.02.2017 EU law
General Court awards damages for failure to adjudicate within a reasonable time

Short Reads - On 10 January 2017, the General Court ("ruled on the non-contractual liability of EU institutions in an action for damages brought by Gascogne Sack Deutschland GmbH ("Gascogne Sack") and Gascogne. The GC ordered the EU to compensate Gascogne Sack and Gascogne for the damage that they had suffered as a result of the GC's failure to adjudicate within a reasonable time.

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