The new Stibbe headquarters of Amsterdam meets BREEAM Excellent durability standards

The new Stibbe headquarters of Amsterdam meets BREEAM Excellent durability standards

The new office of 15,000 m2 is designed to facilitate the new way of working at Stibbe and meets BREEAM Excellent durability standards. Eco-friendly aspects of the building include green roofs and a thermal storage system. The eye-catching design of each floor is open and transparent, which creates a sense of freedom and space. From the top floor there are magnificent panoramic views across the city.

A number of notable technical solutions have been implemented to achieve BREEAM Excellent status:

• By using glass and carefully selected building materials, the office space has been constructed to make the most of natural daylight. This theme is continued throughout the entire building so that even the partition walls add to the feeling of transparency and interconnection.

• Members of staff are encouraged to use bikes and public transport to reach the office. Information on all transit points is available near reception and there is ample storage for bikes. There also are changing rooms and shower facilities.

• Sustainable building materials with a favourable life and production cycle were used for construction to reduce the impact on the environment. Only adhesives, paint types and sealants that minimize environmentally harmful emissions were used.

• The impact of the building on the local environment was considered carefully and sensitively, which is reflected both inside and outside of the building not only in a physical sense but also in terms of light, sound and heat.

•To compensate for the fact that the office has been built on a site which was formerly part of the Beatrix Park, nesting boxes for birds have been included in the cavity of the facade of the building.

• Water consumption is reduced through the use of water-saving taps and installations on every floor

• A green sedum roof will be built on the entire east wing for natural cooling purposes and to ensure the building blends in with its surroundings.

You can read more about BREEAM at Stibbe Amsterdam in this case study.

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