Océane Dieu contributed to the book 'Artificial Intelligence and National Security'

EU Law

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used for National Security purposes, such as by law enforcement agencies or the army. But what about human rights? Océane Dieu, Junior Associate in our Litigation & Arbitration practice, sheds a light on the topic in a chapter she wrote for Reza Montasari's book on 'Artificial Intelligence and National Security'.

Many states deploy artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technology in their efforts to safeguard their national security. When these states justify their recourse to AI for national security purposes by arguing that ‘technology and machines are neutral’, they disregard one essential element: technology is far from neutral. Inherent biases and errors in AI deployed in national security uses seriously threaten people’s fundamental rights. Citizens subjected to intrusive AI-enabled technology see, amongst others, their right to privacy, right to a fair trial, right to freedom of opinion and even their most fundamental right to life endangered. 

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In her work, entitled 'How States’ Recourse to Artificial Intelligence for National Security Purposes Threatens Our Most Fundamental Rights', Océane seeks to investigate and raise awareness regarding several human rights threatened by the state’s recourse to AI for national security purposes.