De Jonge VAR 2018: Sanctioning Companies and Directors in Administrative Criminal Law

NL Law
Every year the Association for Administrative Law (VAR) organises an event (De Jonge VAR) for a number of young lawyers to write pre-consultations based on a current administrative law subject, which will be presented and discussed at a meeting in the autumn.

This year’s De Jonge VAR event is devoted to the subject of sanctioning companies and directors in administrative criminal law. Does working together also mean failing together?

Olivier Dusée and Manon van Overbeek (ACM), Tim Bleeker (UU), Mark Hornman (PhD at UU) and Jakoline Winkels and Monique van der Linden (Stibbe) deal with this question from different perspectives. Tom Barkhuysen (Stibbe) will lead the seminar.

They will be happy to discuss their preliminary advice with VAR members and other interested parties on Friday afternoon 9 November 2018 at Stibbe in Amsterdam. The four pre-consultations are available on the VAR's website.

You can register via the VAR's website, which also contains further information about the meeting.