25 January 2018: Erik Valgaeren participates in a panel session on Technologies, Ethics and the GDPR at the CPDP conference in Brussels.

Speaking slot
EU Law
Stibbe is a long standing partner of the International Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP) which takes place in Brussels between 24 and 26 January 2018.

The theme of this year’s edition is “The Internet of Bodies”.

Erik Valgaeren, head of our Data Protection team, participates in a panel session on Technologies, Ethics and the GDPR.

This panel, organized by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust of the University of Luxembourg, will discuss the role of technology in the context set up by the GDPR as having both an enabling and a disruptive potential. Technologies, like AI, which can fulfill both of these functions, will be debated. At the same time, a closer look at specific provisions of the GDPR, such as the Article 22 provision on automated decision-making, will examine potential limits set by the Regulation in the use of these technologies. Ethics, as an underlying value to be considered in the way information technologies are designed and deployed, will be the lens through which these issues have to be examined, in view of ensuring general respect for fundamental rights. The discussion will also include issues of whether and how IT can actually be used in the practical enforcement of the GDPR.

  • Is technology enabling or rather disrupting the application of the GDPR?
  • How can we use technology as an enabler and what are the limits we choose to set for technologies having the potential to be disruptive?
  • What are the limits for the practice and how to overcome them?

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