18 January 2018: Erik Valgaeren speaks in a workshop on Perspectives on Fraud in Financial Institutions.

Speaking slot
BE Law
This workshop, organized by KU Leuven, sheds light on multiple dimensions of fraud: the academic research, the analytics, the regulatory framework as well as fraud investigations. Erik Valgaeren, with the assistance of Carolien Michielsen, speak about the limits of privacy with respect to fraud detection.

Privacy and data protection regulation imposes legal restrictions on the detection of fraud. These restrictions concern the nature of the data relevant for detection, the source and the manner in which the data is obtained and can be disclosed to third parties. Furthermore, the regulation presupposes guidance, notification, information of data subjects, and requires that specific safeguards are put in place when processing personal data. Finally, even more restrictions are imposed by other regulations on, for instance, cybercrime and labour law.

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