Wouter van den Goorbergh

Wouter van den Goorbergh

Wouter van den Goorbergh
  • Associate Amsterdam
  • T. +31 20 546 02 01
  • E. wouter.vandengoorbergh@stibbe.com wouter.vandengoorbergh stibbe.com E-mail me
  • Languages: Dutch, English

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05.05.2021 NL law
The Dutch Scheme – tax aspects

Short Reads - On 1 January 2021, the Act on confirmation of private restructuring plans (Wet homologatie onderhands akkoord, also known as the “WHOA”, hereinafter: the “Dutch Scheme”) came into effect. We discussed several aspects of the Dutch Scheme in our previous blogs. In order to come to a successful scheme, it is important to consider tax aspects at an early stage of the restructuring process. This blog highlights the most important Dutch tax aspects of the Dutch Scheme.

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