Sinan Vanden Eynde

Sinan Vanden Eynde

Sinan Vanden Eynde
Sinan Vanden Eynde
  • Junior Associate Brussels
  • T. +32 2 533 56 43
  • E. sinan.vandeneynde E-mail me
  • Languages: Dutch, English, French, Turkish
  • Admitted to the Brussels Bar: 2018

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09.04.2020 BE law
New Royal Decree in relation to the organisation of the general shareholders’ meeting

Short Reads - The COVID-19 virus causes many disruptions in the everyday life but also raises questions concerning the organisation of the general meeting of shareholders, most importantly in companies with a widely dispersed share ownership. In particular, one of the measures taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus is the prohibition of public gatherings. This effectively makes a physical general meeting impossible.

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