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Stibbe IP lawyers speak at the Autumn IP Forum organized by CocreateIP in Munich.

Stibbe IP lawyers speak at the Autumn IP Forum organized by CocreateI

Stibbe IP lawyers speak at the Autumn IP Forum organized by CocreateIP in Munich.

20.09.2019 EU law

ignace Vernimme, IP partner at Stibbe Brussels and his associate Joanna De Smedt, speak on 14 October at the 3rd Cocreate Autumn IP Forum 2019.

This year's forum focuses on introducing the Chinese IP law practice to European audiences and to provide an access point in Munich for the newest development of Intellectual Property in China. Anyone interested in learning about intellectual property can register to join in this event.

Ignace is guest speaker during the round table discussion on the trend of IP, AI, 5G, SPC, news from China and Europe and Joanna participates in a mock trial for IP mediation procedure in China.

You can find the full programme of the seminar by clicking on this link.




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