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Jaap van Slooten and Marko Jovović speak at LabourLawLands 2019

Jaap van Slooten and Marko Jovović speak at LabourLawLands 2019

Jaap van Slooten and Marko Jovović speak at LabourLawLands 2019

21.11.2019 NL law

The Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN), the Employment Lawyers Association (VvA), the Young Employment Lawyers Association (VJAA) and the Association of Officials and Law (VA&R) present the LabourLawLands festival, in collaboration with the UWV, on 21 November. Jaap van Slooten and Marko Jovović will both be speakers at the event.

Labour law and happiness

The workshop presented by Jaap van Slooten will cover labour law and happiness. Labour is (of course) important to earn money, but it also increasingly determines our levels of happiness. In this workshop, Jaap discusses the question of whether labour law is currently taking sufficient account of this. Many existing rules are aimed at the protection of income and the individual, but does that make us happier? For example, how many people become unhappy from a colleague with an improvement program? There are also many new initiatives, such as the ING Lucky CBA, agile working, the right to inaccessibility or internal platforming, which makes employees the 'owner' of the work. These policies aim to grant greater autonomy and freedom to employees. But does that still go hand in hand with the concept of the employment contract? In this workshop, Jaap, alongside the workshop participants, will look for answers to these questions.

Platform work as part of the digital economy

Marko Jovović talks with Saskia Montebovi (Tilburg University) about platform work as part of the digital economy. What are the legal implications of modern technologies for employment relations? Can the algorithmic control of a (platform) worker influence the worker's position under employment law, for example by means of incentives, automated instructions or automatic pricing mechanisms,?  Should social security be monitored in the digital age – and if so, how can this be done? This workshop will explore how technology and law interact.

Tickets for the festival are sold out. For more information about the festival or to be added to the waiting list, visit the LabourLawLands 2019 website.

Practical information:

Date: 21 November 2019 (09:30 - 22:00) - Sold out

Location: DeFabrique, Utrecht

Jaap's Workshop: 15:30 - 16:45

Marko's Workshop(s): 11:00-12:15 / 12:30-13:45


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