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Stibbe partners with the Blue Tulip Awards

Stibbe partners with the Blue Tulip Awards

Stibbe partners with the Blue Tulip Awards

29.08.2019 NL law

Participants in the Blue Tulip Awards can now make use of Stibbe's high-quality legal knowledge, as we have become a partner of the Blue Tulip Awards 2019 in the legal domain. We will provide legal advice on various themes start-ups which have registered for the categories ‘Mobility’ and ‘Finance’. This year's partnership follows our collaboration with last year’s edition, when the event was known as the Accenture Innovation Awards.

As a partner of the Blue Tulip Awards, Stibbe's lawyers will host a legal workshop for the participants. We will also form part of the jury for both categories at the Innovation Summit, where the finals of the Blue Tulip Awards will take place on 17 April 2020. The one-day 'grand finale' of this programme brings together start-ups, large organisations, investors, jury members and partners, and awards the final prizes to the winners of the eight categories.

Mobility and Finance

Stibbe has selected two categories to focus on this year: Mobility and Finance. During the programme, start-ups in these themes will be educated about the legal issues concerning innovation and gain experience with the practical solutions needed to deal with them. These two themes tie in with the focus areas of Stibbe's start-up programme StartsUP, in which Dyme (finalist at the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018) and Hardt Hyperloop are currently participating.

Digital Economy

In addition to sharing high-quality legal knowledge to start-up initiatives in Mobility and Finance, Stibbe’s lawyers will also focus on 'Digital Economy', a cross-thematic topic that will also play a role in  Stibbe's activity programme during the partnership with the Blue Tulip Awards. Disruptive technological developments including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, the Internet of Things, smart mobility and the rise of digital platforms continue to change how companies and institutions operate and lead to new legal challenges. Throughout the entire Blue Tulip Awards process, Stibbe will support start-ups with high-quality legal knowledge on this overarching theme.


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