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Symposium: 'Looking back, looking forward' - Inaugural speech Steven Hijink: ‘Trust and Transparency’

Symposium: 'Looking back, looking forward' - Inaugural speech Steven Hijink: ‘Trust and Transparency’

Symposium: 'Looking back, looking forward' - Inaugural speech Steven Hijink: ‘Trust and Transparency’

09.11.2018 NL law

On 9 November, before Steven Hijink's inaugural speech at Radboud University, the Business and Law Research Center (OO&R - Onderzoekcentrum Onderneming & Recht) will host a symposium about role of information in decision making in corporate law.


Information in decision making in corporate law

Information plays an essential role in decision making in corporate law, such as decisions about rewarding or replacing directors, assessing whether an organisation's continuity is assured and in the pricing of shares of listed companies. During the symposium 'Looking back, looking forward'  - held to mark the occasion of Steven Hijink's inauguration - several speakers will discuss this subject from a variety of perspectives.


12:30    Introductory remarks  - Steven Hijink, professor in financial reporting law and lawyer at Stibbe

12:40    The role of information in light of making distributions by healthcare companies – Maarten Hijink, Dutch Second Chamber

13:00    Receiving and providing information by supervisory directors – Helene Vletter van Dort, professor Erasmus University Rotterdam, supervisory board member at Intertrust and NN Group

13:20    Discussion

13:40    Pause  

13:50    Continuity of organisations, financial sustainability and the role of the auditor – Arjan Brouwer, professor Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and auditor at PwC

14:10    Regulation of forward looking statements – Pieter Schütte, lawyer at Stibbe

14:30    Discussion

15:00    Closing

For more information or to register, please go to the website of Radboud University

Inaugural Speech

After the symposium, Steven Hijink will deliver his inaugural speech as professor of financial reporting law, on the topic  'Trust and Transparency' – the complex relationship between transparency obligations and trust in corporate law.

15:45    Inaugural speech

16:30    Reception        

For more information or to register, please go to the website of Radboud University

ractical information:

Location: Elinor Ostrom building, Heyendaalseweg 141, Nijmegen (symposium) and Aula, Radboud University, Comeniuslaan 2, Nijmegen (inaugural speech)

Kindly note the event will be held in Dutch.

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