Symposium: New legislation for area development to accelerate housing construction

Symposium: New legislation for area development to accelerate housing construction

Symposium: New legislation for area development to accelerate housing construction

24.05.2018 NL law

On 24 May 2018, Stibbe together with Delft University of Technology will host the annual symposium about legal changes in the field of area development. The main topic of this year will be the proposal to amend the Crisis and Recovery Act, which anticipates the Environment Act (Omgevingswet).

Crisis and Recovery Act

The  proposal to amend the Crisis and Recovery Act is currently with the Council of State. Only the outline of the proposal  is known at this stage, which means there is  plenty of room for discussion. What do we expect to be amended? What should be included in the final Act? And will the changes in legislation accelerate housing projects as claimed by the Prime Minister?

Following a motion from Ronnes/Geselschap,  the House of Representatives asked the Prime Minister to remove the legal obstacles  for housing projects. What are the possibilities? And are these possibilities desirable, politically achievable and legally responsible?

Finally, the National Environment Vision (Nationale Omgevingsvisie – NOVI) is gathering steam: the main points will be published in September. An important new tool of the NOVI will be 'the perspective areas'. What will be the consequences of that instrument? And will the National Environment Vision help to accelerate large area developments?


  • Monique Arnolds (Project leader implementation Crisis and Recovery Act, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Desiree Uitzetter (Managing director area development, BPD)  
  • Friso de Zeeuw (Emeritus professor area development, Delft  University and ambassador for expert team Versnellen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Marijke Visser-Poldervaart (Senior advisor environmental planning strategy, Antea Group)
  • Jan Reinier van Angeren (Lawyer, Stibbe)

To register, please go to the registration form (in Dutch). For more information please contact us via

Practical information:

Date: 24 May 2018 (12.00 (including lunch) – 18:00 hours)

Location: Beethovenplein 10, 1077 WM Amsterdam

Kindly note this symposium will be held in Dutch.

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